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The AHC does not charge for registrations of herd initials or for the information generously provided on this website.  Donations are accepted and whenever applicable, ad space is offered in exchange for the donation.  These donations help cover the costs associated with licensing for the organization and operating expenses of this secure website.

Ad Space Requirements:
  • Must be a hedgehog breeder with active herd initials registered by AHC or IHR.
  • Logo must be clear, legible, and 500px X 500px or greater.
  • 8 photos.  Give us your best and cutest photos (250px X 250px or greater) so that we can represent you properly.
  • Link.  You must provide a working link to your website or social media business page.

Logo and photos must not contain any lewd/obscene imagery or language.
Broken links will result in deletion of logo-link and the entire full page ad.
Ad space is complimentary with the donation and no refund will be given for any reason.

Updated 11/25/19

We are happy to crop logos and photos if necessary but we are not photo editors and will not apply significant edits.

Donations are for the entire year, January 1st -December 31st, and are due by each December 1st to ensure placement.

$84.00 donation = 12 months
(Equals $7.00 per month.  You cannot beat it!)

AHC will receive approximately $81.00 after transaction fee.

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