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Advertising Space

The AHC does not charge for registrations of herd initials or for the information generously provided on this website.  Donations are accepted and whenever applicable¹, ad space is offered in exchange for the corresponding donation.  These donations help cover the costs associated with licensing for the organization and operating expenses of this website.

¹ Ad Space Requirements:
  • Must be a breeder with active/registered herd initials
  • Must be a hedgehog or hedgehog supply related business
  • Logo must be clear, legible, and no less than 400px X 400px.
  • Logo must not contain any lewd/obscene imagery or language.
  • Link provided must be a working website.  Broken links will be deleted.  
Ad space is complimentary with the donation and no refund will be given for any reason.

Updated 05/09/19

The logo should be square and 400px X 400px or greater.  We are happy to crop if necessary but we are not photo editors and will not apply significant edits to ensure that the image remains whole/in tact.

$50.00 donation = 12 months

$35.00 donation = 6 months

Ad Space

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